Come out and visit our Nature Center, see the potential for yourself. We want to build a place for everyone, for anyone, to experi­ence the natural world and to connect with nature. Whether you want to help build trails, birdhouses, picnic tables, help with the play area, donate a story trail box, become a trail guide, or help teach programs, even donate money ... we need your help!

The Nature Center at Butler Corner is a natural wildlife and plant life rich environment that offers a unique experience to school groups, organizations and all visitors. Your donation or sponsorship will help secure the Nature Center’s future and expansion. We are launching a capital campaign to raise funding to build our Visitor Center which will features areas form teaching classes and housing exhibits, a small library and a storage area for equipment that can be checked out (snowshoes, binoculars, magnifying glasses, plant, bird and animal identification guides, etc). The building and exhibits will be designed to help visitors experience the range of different habitats, plants and wildlife and encourage exploration of our trails. We envision our Visitor Center providing a venue for local schools to meet state and local outdoor learning standards and offering a broad array of enrichment activities that will complement regular academic programs. Our vision includes formal and informal instruction and guidance; programs aimed at helping visitors establish a connection with nature. Out programs and Visitor Center will help make the outdoors relevant, exciting and fun.

Your support will help the Nature Center at Butler Corner realize its vision: to become a place for everyone to be inspired, enjoy, and discover the natural world around you. 

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