Hike, Discover Learn

We have more than six miles of trails, with more in the plans, for you to wander, explore and experience the wonders of the world around you. Sit on one of our benches and listen to the bird songs, Watch carefully and you might spot one of many varieties of our winged friends that live at the Nature Cent er. You can also visit our barns along with one of our team to visit the gentle alpacas, goats, chickens, and geese. Take your time, enjoy and relax. Teachers, bring your students out for an educational and fun field trip.


Join us for Story Time! We read stories geared toward the ages of the kids attending, outside in the fresh air, experiencing the gifts of the natural world. Every Friday at 10:30.

Story Trails

We have a beautiful Story Trail with twenty boxes, each filled with a page from a chil­dren’s book. You can read an entire story as you walk along the trail. We hope to have classes write and publish their own books along the trail, or art teachers might want to have an art show in nature. The Story Trail combines the joys of reading together with the benefits of walking outdoors. This is a fun, educational activity to help build a child's interest in reading while encouraging healthy outdoor activity.

Weavers Studio

When I visited the home of my mother’s Swedish ancestors in Finland several years ago, I sat at my Great Grandmother Jacobson’s loom and wove my first rug. I knew at once that weaving is in my genes and couldn’t wait to get my own loom.

I was fortunate to buy the loom a fellow alpaca owner was willing to sell - a twenty harness Macomber floor loom. Then I bought a table-top loom from a neighbor which I took to the Ag Expo and let people try out weaving. Someone asked if I teach weaving, and I thought, why not?

Now, I have over 18 different looms …more


Coming soon!

The Nature Center is growing! We are looking forward to adding more fun places and exciting programs including an old-fashioned one room schoolhouse, and observatory with a 360 degree view of the night sky that will be great for start-gazing, and a natural play area for children.